Pre-Shipment Checklist

At Big Sky Recycling, our goal is to make donating and recycling cell phones simple and secure. To ensure your cell phones make as much impact as possible review our pre-shipment checklist and FAQs.

Backup Your Data

Save any important content that’s still on your old cell phones (i.e. photos, videos, contacts). We will erase all personal data from the device.

Remove Accounts

iPhone: Turn off Find My iPhone
Android: Remove your Google Account
By doing this, it’s easier for us to erase your data, recycle your cell phone and provide more to charity.

Erase Data

Our step-by-step directions will show you how to erase your data. We will still double check your device to make sure it’s been erased.

Package Carefully

Find an appropriately sized box or padded envelope and carefully package your cell phones. Follow our shipping guide for step-by-step instructions and tips.

Affix a Surface Only Label

Due to shipping regulations, you must include a surface transportation only label on the outside of the package.

Ship Your Package

Schedule an at-home pickup or drop your package off at any USPS location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t erase my phone?

That’s OK, we’ll accept them as-is. Big Sky Recycling ensures data destruction on all recycled cell phones. More about our data security policy can be found here.

Do you recycle more than cell phones?

Yes! We recycle all makes and models of cell phones, smartphones and iPhones. We also accept iPads, tablets and MP3 players.

Should I include the original box and manual?

No. These items can be recycled and/or disposed of with your regular curbside service.

Can I include chargers?

Yes. We will gladly recycle your cell phone charging cords.

Can I include the cell phone battery?

Yes. For shipping safety pease leave the batteries installed in the cell phones when packaging them for shipment.

Do not ship individual or damaged batteries (for example, a battery that is punctured, leaking or too hot to touch). Go to or call 877-723-1297 to find a local drop off location.