Guide Dog Foundation

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Training and Placement of Guide and Service Dogs.

Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind has trained and placed guide and service dogs to provide independence, enhanced mobility, and companionship to people who are blind, have low vision, or who have other special needs. The Guide Dog Foundation serves clients from across the United States and Canada. People come to them for their trademark small classes and personalized instruction. They have successfully worked with individuals who are deaf-blind and those with disabilities other than blindness or hearing impairment. In addition to their guide and service dog programs, the Foundation offers extensive education and outreach programs to broaden the public’s understanding of vision and visual impairment, access and disability rights.

Charity Mission

To improve the quality of life for people who are blind, have low vision, or have other special needs.

Charity Details

Charity Facts

  • Year of Establishment: 1946
  • $50,000 is the cost to privately breed, raise, train, and place one assistance dog.
  • 400 puppies per year are added to their programs.
  • Puppies spend 7 to 8 weeks in their ‘puppy nursery’. From the nursery they spend approximately one year in the home of a volunteer puppy raiser or prison puppy program before coming back to the Foundation.
  • Other names: America’s VetDogs and Veteran’s K-9 Corps.