Lost and Found Recycling

Does your organization have unclaimed cell phones?
Big Sky Recycling provides secure and free recycling services for lost & found inventory.

How It Works


Complete the form below to print a free prepaid FedEx shipping label.


Securely package your lost & found inventory and ship them free of charge.

Recycle & Support

Your devices will be responsibly recycled, with data destroyed and support those in need.

Benefits of Lost & Found Recycling

Recycling cell phones through Big Sky Recycling is an important way for organizations to support sustainable practices and protect the confidentiality of personal data. Big Sky Recycling ensures that all information is completely erased during the recycling process. This helps to protect the privacy of individuals and ensures that their personal data is not at risk of being accessed by unauthorized parties. Partnering with Big Sky Recycling is an easy and responsible way for organizations to recycle their lost and found cell phones and safeguard personal data.


Protect your customers private and sensitive data. We ensure data destruction on all recycled devices and provide certificates of data destruction upon request.


Our lost and found cell phone recycling services are completely free of charge – this includes prepaid shipping labels, carrier pick-up and data destruction.


By recycling your lost and found cell phones you’ll help conserve precious natural resources and energy, protect our planet and support nonprofit charities.

Make a Difference

Big Sky Recycling uses the power of cell phones to help the world. Our lost and found recycling program supports environmental, domestic violence and military charities.

Custom Solutions

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 cell phones, Big Sky Recycling will work with your organization to create a recycling solution that meets your requirements.

Certified B Corp

As a Certified B Corporation, we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

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